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First off what is a custom computer? A custom computer is a computer where you configure the parts that go into it. You choose the parts, (components), that go inside the computer. But choosing each individual part can be very confusing. Thats why some websites have been set up to help you pick the individual parts for your computer and then assemble it for you. This takes away all the confusion about how to set your computer up and you get to choose axacly what parts you want for you computer and what parts you don't want.

What are the advantages of purchasing a custom computer? The main reason you should buy a custom computer is the low price. Online companies buy computer parts directly from the manufacuar giving you the lowest price possible to buy them. Another reason is flexibility. You have complete control over what components you want and what components you don't want. Also, unlike name brand computers, Dell, Gateway, custom computers are much easier to upgrade becasue all you have to do is buy the part you want to upgrade to, take out the old part and pop it in. With name brand computers you can't do this becasue the motherboards are name brand made and won't except different parts from different manufacures.

I have done a lot of research on custom computer and custom computer building sites. It has taken me a long, long time to do searching hundreds of sites to find the top three sites for the cheapest custom computer. I configured a simple budget computer on each of the three sites below with the exact same components. Check to see what site offers the lowest price.

Best Custom Computer Sites
#1UnitedMicro.com - UnitedMicro.com is definetly the best website to build a computer on. Unlike other companies you can build your computer from $0. You also have the choice of assembling the parts yourself and saving $30 by doing it. Best selection of components. Cheapest components. $514! Pros: Start from scratch Best selection of components Dirt cheap for quality Cons: Confusing configurator
#2CyberPowerPc.com - Very popular website. Easy configurator and many premade computers. You can see each component and look at its specs. $630.07!Pros: Easy configurator Good warantee options Advanced Options Cons: Expensive
#3IBuyPower.com - Another popular custom computer website. Easy configurator with advanced options like rounded cables and liquid cooling. Lots of premade computers. Good warantee options. Shipping/handling and tax hurt this web site. If you don't have a budget use this site. $663.06! Pros: Easy configurator Popular site Premade computers Cons: Most expensive of the three
To see the components I used for all
three sites look below... below...
Case: Aspire: Mid-Tower 400 Watt Front USB (BLACK) ATX
Motherboard: Asus A8N-E SC939 NVIDIA® nForce? 4 Ultra PCI-E x16 SATA GIGABIT LAN AUDIO
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 939pin 90nm Venice Oem
Memory: 512MB PC3200 DDR 400 Hard Drive: Maxtor 40GB 7200 RPM ATA 133
Video Card: eVGA 128MB GeForce 6200 PCI-Express 2N23
Warranty: Years Labor,1Year Parts,Lifetime Tech Support (TS)

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